Discovering Sexual Identity Jaks Coming Out Story

The challenges of coming out: Jaks' story

Discovering Sexual Identity Jaks Coming Out Story: Coming out is a personal journey that can be challenging and confusing. In this article, we will explore Jak’s coming out story and the struggles he faced in discovering his sexual identity. Jaks’ story is a testament to the importance of self-discovery and acceptance.


This video contains the personal experiences and perspectives of the creator. Each person's journey with coming out is unique. Viewers are encouraged to thoughtfully consider their own path and what resonates for them. The creator's story may not fully reflect all audiences' truths.

Trigger Warning: This article & video may cover sensitive topics like rejection, bullying, depression, anxiety, self-harm, and suicide. Please engage with care and seek support if you need it. You know yourself best.

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Growing Up in a Conservative Community

Jaks grew up in a small, conservative, rural community in Canada. He was incredibly sheltered and did not know what a gay person was until he got into middle school. He was bullied in middle school for being gay, which was frustrating because he genuinely did not know what he was. Jaks’ story highlights the importance of education and awareness in promoting acceptance and understanding.

Discovering Asexuality

Initially, Jaks had no idea what he was until he came across the term asexual online. Asexual is someone who is not sexually attracted to anybody. They can engage in activity, but it’s not their thing. Jaks thought that maybe this was what he was, but he was still confused. He did not understand the burger or car commercials with girls in skimpy bikinis. He was always perplexed by that.

Realizing He Was Gay

At 19, Jaks started realizing that he might be bisexual or gay. He watched many YouTube videos of different creators doing their coming-out videos. He resonated with what Dylan Geick was saying in his video. Dylan talked about how he never identified with the gay community. He was into wrestling and many masculine kinds of things and interests. He wasn’t interested in drag queens or female clothing or any of the type of standard stereotypical homosexual activity. After watching this video, Jaks started watching many more videos like that. He resonated with things like that.

Coming Out to His Parents

Jaks moved out and went to university. He decided to call his parents and tell them that he was gay. He first called his dad, and it was very emotional. His dad said all the right things as a parent. He said, ‘Oh my gosh, I love you so much. This doesn’t change anything. Like, I’m so proud of you, proud that you’re living your truth and reality, and you’re not having to hide or, you know, be something you’re not.’ Then he called his mom, and it was a bit of a different call. She was supportive but just a little bit hesitant.


Discovering Sexual Identity Jaks Coming Out Story
Discovering Sexual Identity Jaks Coming Out Story 2

Jaks’ coming out story is a journey of self-discovery and acceptance. It highlights the importance of education, awareness, and acceptance in promoting understanding and tolerance. Coming out is a personal journey that can be challenging and confusing, but it is essential to living an authentic life.

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