How BIG are you?! A Social Experiment

Expect the unexpected

Get ready to dive into a playful social experiment like no other! Imagine a vibrant Amsterdam full of friendly locals prepared for adventure. How would they react if a stranger walked up and point-blank asked, “How big are you?!” Let’s embark on a journey to find out!

With a microphone in hand, our intrepid host Mario Adrion takes to the streets, popping the big question to amused passersby. On the one hand, some play coy, hinting cheekily. Others respond with vivid detail, bringing chuckles all around. How can total strangers be so candid? The answers might surprise you!

Watch the Video How BIG are you?! A Social Experiment

It’s a puzzle begging to be solved, a story waiting to unfold. What motivates people to bare it all? As our host interacts with locals, a picture comes into focus. But an air of mystery remains. New characters appear, each with an unpredictable response. It’s a parade of contrasting personalities!

Don’t miss our captivating video that brings this social experiment to life! With each encounter, the laughs build. But beneath the humour lies a message of self-acceptance we can all take to heart.

So, are you ready to unravel this mystery? Join us on the hilarious adventure of asking strangers, “How BIG are you?!” In social experiments, expect the unexpected and prepare to be entertained!

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How BIG are you?! A Social Experiment 2

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